Filling the air-conditioning (Aircon top-up)

klimatyzacje SzczecinAir conditioning can make real the old slogan
about "resting while driving a car"

Air condition in Polish cars was until recently mainly fitted in large and expensive car and limos. Fortunately, times have changed and now even buy a poor equipped car with air conditioner, it is quite feasible. But even if you buy a car without air conditioning, it also does not have to deny this device at the next few years, air-conditioning can be fitted in almost any car !


klimatyzacje Szczecin


klimatyzacje Szczecin


Of course - air-conditioner must be fitted and ajusted to a particular model of car, with a particular focus on the engine version.

klimatyzacje SzczecinAir conditioners are manually or electronically controlled. In the first case, the driver sets the temperature for the appropriate selection of controls put the fan speed and composition of the air. Electronically controlled air-conditioning needs only to provide the temperature to be reached inside, of the rest will take care automatic control systems.

klimatyzacje Szczecin


Air conditioning not only on air cooling, but also to lower its moisture content. As a modern air-conditioner can work with the car heating, we can effectively drying up the inside of the autumn or winter. Air conditioning, therefore, allows the driver to take full control of the climate prevailing in the car.


Air conditioning is not only the possibility of cool travelling even during the greatest heat - is also a component of higher driving safety. Driving in comfortable climatic conditions means less driver fatigue, better concentration and a shorter response time. Air drying system allows almost immediate removal of the window mist which appears with a rainy weather.


klimatyzacje Szczecin


klimatyzacje Szczecin


Air conditioning is also a care for the health of the driver and passengers. The inclusion of the air conditioner allows you to maintain a supply of fresh, chilled and dry air, despite closing all windows, so that the car does not have drafts and noise typical for high-speed driving, even with the windows slightly repealed. And that's why you can talk or listen to music in peace.